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Intervotion produces tools that give the paramedic, the police officer, the fire fighter and the dispatcher a one-click view of public spaces with information layers giving them the locations and equipment access points they need. During an emergency, training, and planning, emergency services personnel and agencies can access the floor plans and information layers that help solve problems with a single click.

Intervotion’s collection and production processes makes its tools affordable.  Every school or response agency that wants the tool for emergencies and training will have the data necessary to complete its mission.  This is our commitment to the educators, police officers, firefighters and paramedics investing their own lives for the public good.


Intervotion uses visualization of a physical space, accessible through smart devices, to serve those who protect and those who use malls, schools, hotels, transit systems, membership-driven conference centers and co-working areas.

Intervotion is for organizations and industries whose success depends on the protection and use of physical spaces.

Responders have knowledge of a space at their finger tips to decide how to work a problem when knowledge and time can save lives. Responders, working individually, in teams, and at a command post, and dispatchers using any smart device, desktop, or mobile data terminal have a common operating picture.

Clients are empowered to reserve and promote the use of space optimally.


The urge to action and sense of duty shared by emergency service personnel embodies the best qualities of human nature.

Intervotion’s purpose is to give actionable information to the managers of public spaces and emergency services personnel to help them be safe and effective while protecting the lives of others.

During an incident, easy access to imagery communicating specialized knowledge of a space helps responders and the spaces they protect and serve, be more safe, more effective, and more resilient.

Prior to an incident, the tool supports resilience and training.


Customized Information Organized for Action.

Information is collected using input from police officers, fire fighters, paramedics and facility managers.  The product gives prominence to the most important information using layers for individual departments and missions.  Customization permits visualization to tell the story that is most important to accomplishing the mission.


Access to the tool for a location can be given 24/7, when the location is open and when closed, or during specific events such as training, an emergency, evacuations, and for planning meetings. The information is available to to the individual officer, fire fighter or paramedic first arriving at the scene, to 911 dispatchers, and command posts and operation centers.

Shared Information Empowers Action for the Public Good.

The information can be viewed by an unlimited number of school staff, facility management, police officers, firefighters and paramedics at the same time.  Sharing information for training and in real-time enables multiple individuals and agencies to coordinate and leverage resources and capabilities.