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Michael O’Leary – Founder

During employment with the U.S. Government and the California Emergency Management Agency, Michael O’Leary collected actionable information to empower military personnel and emergency responders.   He founded Intervotion as a vehicle to deliver such information to those who risk their lives to save the lives of others, and to tap into the mindsets, hard won experiences and skills of veterans as a force for transforming social well being and public safety. Mr. O’Leary received an MSc from the International Relations Department at the London School of Economics (LSE).  He received a BA from the University of California, Santa Cruz.  Mr. O’Leary studied at the Defense Language Institute and at the Minsk Institute of Foreign Languages. His independent research while pursing the MSc at the LSE focused on the influence of ideology on the world views and decision making processes of governments and individuals.  Mr. O’Leary later developed a research plan, while pursuing an MPhil at the LSE, titled “Intentions and Outcomes: Tactics and Strategies in Scenarios involving Entrepreneurs, Terrorists, NGOs and the Military.” He co-edited, with Christopher Ankersen, Understanding Global Terror, published by Polity. In tandem with guiding the formation of Intervotion’s international presence, linking veterans and emergency responders to transform the reduction of risk in the built environment, Mr. O’Leary continues research into the influence of veterans’ and emergency responders’ experiences and training on decision making processes.

Bruce Brillhart – CFO

Bruce Brillhart has a broad background in high technology start-ups, most recently as co-founder, President and CFO of St. Croix Medical, Inc., (now Envoy Medical LLC). Envoy Medical raised over $100M in private capital to successfully bring an implantable hearing aid to market in the US and Europe. His responsibilities included establishing accounting and reporting capability, preparing private placement documents, as well as managing annual independent audits, HR, facilities, intellectual property and tax compliance. His unique combination of technology, engineering, business, law and finance allowed one executive to lead inter-disciplinary teams necessary for a successful high-tech, high velocity start-up corporation. He has been involved in several start-ups after a rapidly rising career at high technology corporations in the Twin Cities area as an engineer, engineering manager and corporate officer. Mr. Brillhart received his BSE(EE) and MSE(EE) from the University of Michigan, his MBA(Finance) from the University of Minnesota and his JD from the William Mitchell College of Law. He is licensed to practice law in Minnesota and the District of Columbia and is a registered patent attorney. Mr. Brillhart is an inventor on 11 US and international patents and is a Life and Senior member of IEEE. In 2017 he was named the IEEE Minnesota Section’s Outstanding Engineer, the highest local honor from the world’s largest professional organization.

Public Safety Practitioners

Intervotion relies on the experiences and insights of a network of public safety and emergency response professionals and volunteers for input on the design and content of its information products. If you are interested in joining the network, contact us.  Your insights will be disseminated through information tools helping responders like yourself safeguard their own lives as they train, take action and make decisions to safeguard the lives and properties of others.  Your input will empower Intervotion’s collectors and managers as they go into the field to transform the information available to individual firefighters and police officers taking risks to enhance public safety.


As Intervotion reduces risks to property and life from emergencies and man made and natural disasters, it is committed to recognizing the incomparable training, experiences and skills of military veterans.  Through its organization Intervotion, directly, and through local, regional, and national partnerships, leverages the values and culture of military veterans to solve a range of complex business needs, to staff its outreach teams partnering with Police Departments and Fire Departments, and its image collection operations.  Please contact us for more information about how Intervotion works with veterans, emergency responders, and technology to transform risk, save lives, and enhance public safety.

Software Developers, Internet of Things Ninjas

Intervotion seeks Software Developers and Internet of Things Afficianados to help it respond to input from public safety and emergency response practitioners on carrying data forward into virtual reality applications to allows the police officer, fire fighter and paramedic see and be in the building where s/he needs to act, before s/he arrives on scene.  Please contact us !