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Michael O’Leary – Founder

Michael O’Leary worked to collect life-saving information during employment with the U.S. Government and the California Emergency Management Agency Office.  He founded Intervotion as a vehicle to deliver actionable information to those who risk their lives to save the lives of others, and to tap into the hard won experiences and skills of veterans.  Michael received an MSc from the International Relations Department at the London School of Economics.

Public Safety Professionals

Intervotion relies on a network of Public Safety professionals for input on the design and content of its information products.  If you are interested in joining the network, contact us.  Your insights will be disseminated throughout the information tools that are helping professionals like your self take action to make public spaces such as schools and transit systems safer, today !


Intervotion is committed to hiring our nation’s military veterans to do this critical public safety work. To that end, it has partnered with Shadow Culture, a veteran owned business that contracts with organizations to help them leverage the values and culture of military veterans to solve a range of complex business needs, to staff its sales organization, liaison roles with Police Departments and Fire Departments, and image collection operations.

Software Developers, Internet of Things Ninjas

Intervotion seeks Software Developers and Internet of Things Afficianados to help it respond to input from Public Safety professionals on carrying data forward into virtual reality applications to allows the police officer, fire fighter and paramedic see and be in the building where s/he needs to act, before s/he arrives on scene.  Please contact us !