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” We had an opportunity to test TotalView during a recent large-scale active shooter exercise on a school campus. This valuable tool provided panoramic imagery to guide tactical operators of our SWAT group as they moved through buildings, thus enabling them to anticipate room layouts, potential hiding areas and opportunities for leveraging cover. Our SWAT team leaders remarked that this resource was particularly useful while ascending stairwells and blind corners. With these added advantages, tactical personnel had the upper hand on would-be assailants as they cleared rooms throughout the campus. “

Captain John Spicer, Redwood City Police Department

Training exercise using Floor Plan

“ As the SWAT Team Tactical Commander one of the greatest challenges I face in the command post is maintaining situational awareness as the team moves through an area or structure. In the past we have often had to really on hand drawn sketches or two dimensional floor maps to try and track where the team is and what obstacles/challenges they are facing. Using TotalView on a recent training operation we were able to follow along with the team and see exactly what the team was seeing in terms of floor pan, layout, and available cover and concealment. This greatly improved our understanding in the command post of where the team was and how the operation was proceeding. Using this technology to map out high value targets and critical infrastructure before an incident occurs gives our officers and team leaders an edge that cannot be understated or duplicated by other means. ”

Acting Lieutenant Ashley Osborne Field Operations Division Redwood City Police Dept.

Floor Plan on Redwood City Police Mobile Command Center

” The images are sharp and clear – we can zoom to the letters for signage and planning. We don’t have to go the station – we can see from the station agent booth words in different languages. We can plan additional signage for accessibility for people to see station entrance/exits and station names. “

BART Office of Civil Rights.

BART station San Francisco

” We can locate our assets within a station and look for station blight and where to invest in early wins like lighting or window cleaning. We can identify areas for station modernization. “

BART Operations, Real Estate and Property Development.

” We can use the panorama for police drills and tactics and use it to identify camera locations. “

BART Police Department

TotalView BART station panorama
TotalView BART station panorama
TotalView BART station panorama