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The most basic TotalView plan allows you to upload your floor plan directly to our website. We then process your floor plan, label any custom information you require such as room numbers, emergency contacts, HAZMAT information, standpipes, and alarm panels. We can also enable links to plan documentation, such as training manuals, MSDS evacuation plans, emergency procedures and more.

From there, you’re able to share the project with anyone on your team who needs access to the information. The Basic Plan – a self sufficient tool – is also the gateway to Tiers 2, 3 and 4.

Panoramic imagery (Tier 2)
Screenshot of TotalView panorama image

360 images selected by you.  Current selections include windows and doors and hazardous materials locations. Connects easily to Tier 1 and Tier 4. Labeling makes your important rooms, locations and equipment instantly accessible and recognizable..

Walking Navigation (Tier 3)
TotalView walk through image from San Francisco BART project

Navigate freely in all directions through interior of building structure.  Customize navigation to label standpipes, hazardous materials, equipment, distances, blur faces or areas, and limit access.  Instantaneously link locations to MSDS or any other useful information.

Drone Imagery (Tier 4)
TotalView navigable drone imagery

Tier 4 connects previously captured aerial views to buildings, and panoramic imagery or walking navigation.  Video and stills of buildings and surrounding landscape makes important locations, roof tops, neighboring structures and HAZMAT and other features visible and shareable in a single viewing.

TotalView logo - software fInfrastructure Mapping for Building Managers and First Responders


TotalView also enables access to enhancements such as 360-degree imagery and Google Street View-like navigability for interiors and exteriors, including specific routes and locations. We can also enable links to plan documentation, such as training manuals, evacuation plans, emergency procedures and more. If you’re interested in taking advantage of everything TotalView has to offer, including 360 degree-views, please contact us.